About Us

CEAPAL is operating since  October 2010 as a non-for-profit organization, focusing on education and enhancement of human capacities, tourism and entrepreneurship in various fields of economy, contributing to the objectives for Albania’s development.  

CEAPAL has a professional staff consisting of 3 employees and also a pool of 10 volunteers always willing to collaborate. Since its foundation, CEAPAL has implemented many projects with regards to cultural heritage, education and promotion, youth involvement& empowerment, capacity building in tourism sector and advocacy initiatives. We have a wide network of collaborators in a variety of areas of expertise like tourism, marketing and communications, ethnography, environment, event production, education and training  etc.

Our Objectives

In its work CEAPAL targets a cross section of society particularly young people, female, and rural working force, intellectuals, minorities and civic activists.

How it works

Our success relies on collaboration and teamworking. CEAPAL fulfills its goals by collaborating with other non-profit organizations, public administration institutions, schools, universities, international foundations and cross-sector partnerships. We engage experts from a wide range of areas, building fruitful and long-lasting partnerships.

Our Expertise

In its work CEAPAL targets a cross section of society particularly young people, female, and rural working force, intellectuals, minorities and civic activists and their engagement in the country’s development and economic growth.  CEAPAL stands for:

C – Consultancy Services in tourism development

E – Entrepreneurship booster, promoting youngsters to get educated and involved in tourism areas.

A – Advocacy and civic engagement

P – Publicity, Promotion and Event Management

A – Alliances and networking with tourism stakeholders,  for the creation of a sustainable tourism development throughout the country.

L – Labor promotion, capacity building and professional education, youth engagement and empowerment.


CEAPAL is funded on projects’ bases, by public and private entities, as well as by donations. However, the primary and most substantial form of funding comes from its members in terms of time, activities and services they provide to the organization at the grassroots level.

Our team

Klodiana CollakuExecutive Director
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Klodiana has 25 years of experience in the tourism sector in Albania focused on customer service, HoReCa management and certification, food & beverage operations etc. Coming from a hands-on experience, she has extensive knowledge of the tourism industry developments in Albania, stakeholders and influencing factors, being one of the first local trainers in the tourism industry. She is a certified assessor for the quality mark “Authentic Albania”, member of Albanian Consulting Network and permanent consultant of TAM/BAS project (EBRD financed). Klodiana holds a M.Sc. diploma on Food Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Tirana University, while throughout her career has been following several specialization courses on Tourism Management and Food and Beverage Operations in Vienna, Austria. Klodiana has very good command of English and German, as well as a good level of communication in Italian, French and Russian.
Brunilda Liçaj (PhD)Consultant, Tourism Development and Management, Destinations Marketing.
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Brunilda has over 20 years of experience sharing her time between the academic life as university lector and working in several public and private institutional projects related to tourism development and management in Albania. She has participated in numerous initiatives as senior expert and project leader covering a wide range of expertise like: destinations management, tourism destinations development, tourism marketing and research, destinations’ tourism strategy development, local business empowerment strategies etc. Brunilda has extensive experience as trainer, advisor and mentor in the areas of hospitality services, tourism initiatives development and implementation. She is founder and co-owner of Albergo Diffuso Balkans (unique hospitality structures).