Our work

April 2023- February 2024

Project Title:  Digi-Cult Tour –

DigiCult-Tour project aims to develop, in cooperation with local actors, a model of integrated tourist offering, by implementing a 360º range of activities aiming at delivering on the job training and knowledge by qualified expertise in Tourism and Culture Heritage Management and Marketing. 
Under the EU4Culture programme scope (implemented by UNOPS and financed by EU in collaboration with Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation), this project is focused on identifying, describing and promoting  tangible and intangible cultural and heritage values of the area through a consolidated touristic offering in addition to the ‘outdoor and nature’ tourism. The projects focuses on and develops around the territory and attributes of the Monastery Church of Rubik, being restored under the EU4Culture programme. 🌐 Visit the website.

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Project title: “Integrated Approaches for Cultural Heritage Promotion: Ancient Theatres & Sites Route as Branded Destination”. Funded by Interreg IPA CBC Greece – Albania.
Activity: Organization of Masterclasses in theory and practice on Tourism Customer Service, ancient gastronomy.

2020 -2021

Project:  INNOViMENTOR project focuses on different types of heritage assets and their values as main lever to invest in human capital and tourism innovation in an effort to achieve socio economic development and cooperation with social partners: a project driven form of co-operation among multilevel actors at transnational level emerges, fully realizing the socioeconomic potential of heritage resources in the Cooperation Area and establishing a unified quality system for the development of tourism products and common service standards with acknowledged market valueActivity:

  • Research and Documentation for the preparation of the joint pilot project plan in Gjirokastra Region;
  • Preparation of 10 heritage narratives for the Creative Tourism Route;
  • Editing/Proof Reading for 10 heritage narratives; information adaptation to the Augmented Reality App

Project: INNOVIMENTOR  Generating SME product and process innovation with a new tourism mobility model, stakeholder alliances and skills alliances to facilitate the market uptake of local enterprises in remote and sparsely populated areas. Funded by “Interreg Balkan Med Programme”


Project: “Joint Promoting Actions of the Local Entrepreneurship at Greece/Albania less Favored Areas (LFA) on the Viticulture and Wine Production Business Sector”, WINCOME . Funded by “Interreg CBC Greece-Albania Programme”
Activity: Organization of the joint thematic business seminar took place in Korca, Albania. The purpose of the seminar has been to prepare relevant stakeholders (wine producers) in order to be able to take advantage of their production in terms of business development.


Project: EMbleMatiC: Emblematic Mediterranean Mountain as Coastal Destinations of Excellence . Funded by “Interreg Med Programme”
Activity: Training sessions for the implementation of Eco– journey in CIKA Mountain. Training session for Himara Municipality tourism stakeholders and local authorities  and  organization of a forum for elected representatives


Project title: Capacity building and youth motivation for self-employment in Himara region. Funded by Giz & Vlora Municipality.
Activity: Training of the youngsters on Hospitality and culinary services.


Project title: I4Tour_Territorial Development for Sustainable Tourism, Creative Enterprises, Rural Development and Young Employment. Financed by “IADSA Italian Albanian Debt for Development”.
Activity: Establishment of Tourism Information Points (TIP). Training of 30 young people and recruiting 10 of them for 3 TIP point in Vlora region. 


Project title: “Mobile and Digital Storytelling on Environmental Issues” implemented from Goethe Institute with collaboration of students A. Moisiu University Durres.


Research Project: Enhancing sustainable Tourism “The cultural heritage from urban areas to seaside resorts”. ISBN (978-9928-08-237-4).
Activity: Study for sustainable tourism in Berat and Lalzi bay.


Project title: Zadrimor Festival in the land of Fishta. The cultural – gastronomy – religious values of the Zadrima area and the identification of Zadrima as a potential tourist destination. Drafts Zadrima fest program and coordinates with the rest of the partners to implement the fest event. It is responsible in particular to evaluate the proposals received through the competition; Students winning package will be rewarded with a level of German language course, which will take place during the summer season.

  • Training of young girl and women in artisans
  • Training of young in Horeca
  • Preparing a Guide of churches of Zadrima
  • Collaboration in : Zadrima fest in land of Fishta Activity:

YRADIO The first campus radio in Albania to: Participate – Educate –- Train – Act. Objective: Promote and support the development of responsibility in Albanian citizens through political and civic education; increase and strengthen the political participation of citizens in the democratic processes of the society